Carriers and service providers

Carrier and service provider WiFi

Forward thinking carriers and service providers are all looking to build a WiFi estate for the future; a white label partnership with Connect2Social enables this.

By white labelling, carriers and service providers can achieve objectives of seamless data offload in light of Hotspot 2.0. Carriers can also perform monitoring, management and remote troubleshooting of their estate via our management portal, while in return offering something very valuable back to hotspot venues.

Benefits to carriers

There are various features that telecoms providers can offer to their venue customers depending on how they wish to monetise the service.  The direct benefits to the carrier include:

  • Control and reporting of WiFi estate – all cloud based
  • Cross equipment support (from low end to high end)
  • Remote technical support
  • Reporting capabilities
  • Enables carriers to build WiFi estate
  • Carriers can decide on the level of control and reporting that venues have

Benefits to WiFi venues

Connect2Social is a very attractive solution to venues because:

  • Venues can offer free, family friendly and secure WiFi to their customers
  • The platform can be branded and customized by you and/or them
  • Very easy to set up – can be enabled remotely
  • Venues generate social media engagement from customers – and ROI
  • The platform gives detailed, sophisticated analytics on customer behaviour in venue
  • Venues can choose to use the marketing tools to send messages to customers

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