Connect2Social is cloud based software that works with your existing router or hardware infrastructure through a simple interface.

The log-in process is as easy as your current system of handing out usernames and passwords, except that your staff will no longer be constantly dealing with guest WiFi questions, freeing their time to concentrate on guest revenue services.


Connect2Social WiFi provides cloud-based public WiFi hotspot software in 50 countries. The authentication method for login uses social media channels including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Venues can request that users “like” or “follow” them, with free WiFi access in return.


Customers in public venues have come to expect free WiFi, but traditionally it hasn’t offered much benefit to the provider. C2S WiFi’s solution changes that, offering a seamless combination of free, family-friendly WiFi for your customers and real-time marketing analytics for you.


Implementing the C2S WiFi solution also means that you’ll benefit from a range of features including presence analytics, content filtering and even geo-fencing technology. By accessing our C2S Portal, you will be able to view in-depth information about your WiFi users, including their age and gender, frequency of visits, their location and dwell time.


As C2S WiFi is offered in line with industry best practice, you will not have to worry about the legal and security implications of being a public WiFi provider. The WiFi network will be completely secure and your customer’s privacy is protected at all times.


With C2S WiFi the possibilities are endless. The solution can be tailored to suit any sector, from retail and hospitality to education and healthcare.