WiFi for hospitality

A recent survey by revealed that hotel guests would rather have free guest WiFi than a free breakfast. The mobile device boom has influenced this massively, meaning that free WiFi is now considered an absolute necessity for business travellers and for a large percentage of leisure tourists too.

The hospitality sector is the ideal environment for installing WiFi hotspots. Whether in a hotel, bar or coffee shop, guests will expect it as standard and providing free internet access in the hospitality industry can give you the edge. You’ll be able to increase revenues through free, targeted marketing that will in turn increase recommendations and repeat business.

Download our two page PDF about using and monetizing WiFi in hotels.


A wireless solution for your hotel, bar or restaurant will help you generate WiFi ROI through targeted social media campaigns that deliver:

  • Return visits
  • Customer reviews
  • Social networking ‘shares’ and ‘likes’
  • Customer demographic insights

There are also very specific benefits depending on the venue and we’ve highlighted some examples below. Click on the links below to find out how Connect2Social can benefit businesses within the hospitality WiFi sector.

  • Bars and restaurants
  • Hotels