Marketing agencies and WiFi

The digital marketing boom brought with it demand for much more measurable activity. Whether an agency with external clients or an in-house marketing team with internal clients in the company’s management team, there is a requirement to show a genuine return on investment.

Social media activity is now intrinsically embedded in the overarching communications approach for any business but many organisations are still missing a trick in terms of the engagement tools and monitoring that social wifi can deliver.

Business and consumers expect to be able to get online to remain up to date with news, offers, information and to be able to communicate.  The marketing teams can get something extremely valuable in return including a clear picture of who is using the wifi, their age, gender, how they move around a particular place – such as a shopping centre or exhibition hall.  They are then able to target them with relevant and topical campaigns.

As a Connect2Social customer the marketing team gains access to a portal where reports can be viewed in real time, messaging can be sent to users and reports can be generated to get buy in from the client to the value of social media engagement and investment in relevant website landing pages.


The advantages to installing Connect2Social are clearly measureable and achieve:

  • Greater end to end engagement
  • The ability to gauge mobile device usage
  • Enviable remarketing opportunities for promotions
  • Post event analysis following key calendar events

Depending on the your role within a team or your specialism within an agency, the following links give you a greater insight into how Connect2Social can help specific marketing professionals to deliver results.