Public Sector and Commercial

Public and commercial WiFi

Legal compliance and security has never been more important. Connect2Social delivers peace of mind around this area to organisations operating within the public and commercial sectors, who need to be seen to be adhering to best practice.

People expect access to free WiFi wherever they are these days and community centres, office spaces and council buildings are no different.  By engaging with people through social WiFi, organisations can communicate relevant news, updates and facts to help raise awareness of the business, the facilities and the opportunities for end users.  In an office space you might be alerting people to the opening of new childcare facilities or a new cafe, while users at a community centre might want to know about rooms available for hire.


Housing associations and businesses are already getting on board and realising the benefits of installing Connect2Socual which include

  • Content filtering
  • Scalable networks
  • Communication tools
  • Ability to monitor where people are going online